Heavy regulations and increased competition have upended the financial ecosystem to a degree where living with squeezed margins have become the new world order. To break free from this order, institutions need to undergo a shift from doing the same thing better to doing the same thing radically different.

Machine learning in finance has introduced new levels of efficiencies that have begun to deliver new kinds of value. From detecting and analyzing sentiments to distribution of highly customized products; from digitized market outreach to chatbot enabled interactions; from continuous product performance improvement to scaling operations with technology, and from analyzing data points to identify frauds to predicting product performance, AI has brought in attributes that are having far reaching consequences in the make-up of financial services.


AI – Applied
Intelligence for
a New Age

Flatworld AI services for the BFSI industry hinges on using AI data science accelerators to uncover relationships between events that impact one another and evolve as a trigger for a future development. Our deep experience in the financial domain and commitment to deliver custom-fit solutions will help you obtain the kind of integrated systems needed to guarantee accurate insights for desired business outcomes.

AI Solutions to Hack Modern Day
Banking & Financial Challenges

Fraud Risk Management

We leverage technologies like machine learning and deep learning methodology to identify behavioral aberrations (based on historical transactional data), recognize suspicious answers (provided in forms / applications), capture dubious IP addresses, and even biometric / face recognition technology to spot fraudulent applications. We bank on feature selection, sampling, and applying advanced algorithms to develop a model that help you detect fraud in almost near real-time.


We leverage AI technology to identify vulnerabilities and help you close them before they are exploited. We use deep learning algorithms and highly functional AI to understand how your system functions based on which we develop models to carry out constant exploration of the security system. Our AI-based security applications can be upgraded in real-time which ensures that the ever-evolving needs of a financial security system are constantly met.

Regulatory Compliance

We assist you to harness the power of artificial intelligence to simplify and automate the labor intensive, repetitive and error-prone process of collecting, cleansing and checking data before submitting it to the regulator in the mandated format. We leverage AI to automate the process of identifying patterns that run contrary to regulations (addressing fraud, money laundering etc.) and assist you become fully compliant.

360 Degree View

We design AI-driven applications to provide you with a comprehensive and contextual view of customer interactions. We develop algorithms to unify data from all touch points; build a holistic picture of each customer; anticipate their needs and intervene proactively to meet those needs. This helps you initiate new business opportunities without being intrusive, personalize financial products as per their needs, and get full control of customer churning.

Customer Experiences

We have wide experience in applying artificial intelligence in banking to enrich experiences. We have built AI-driven solutions to automate standard queries, provide voice and text-based financial guidance; forward advisory queries to the right department etc. Each of our solutions are designed to make it easy to provide relevant information real-time and deliver client experiences that complement omnichannel journeys and expectations.

Data Science Solutions

We have leveraged data science to develop solutions that help the banking and financial sector get better insights for improving operations. We have built solutions to validate identities, transactions and relationships more rapidly, achieve portfolio optimization, etc. Our solutions for the insurance sector have assisted them better underwrite risk and embed advanced fraud detection methodologies while processing claims.

AI & ML Capabilities Like No Other

  • A team of 100+ eminent data scientists and analytics consultants with deep knowledge of Data mining, Machine Learning and Automation
  • Wide experience in delivering need-based AI and Machine Learning solutions in the banking and financial sector.
  • Strict quality driven process across end-to-end development stages – design, coding, testing, usability, compliance and security.
  • Dependence on proven success framework and sophisticated delivery model to ensure accelerated project delivery.
  • Reliance on state-of-the-art technologies to develop solutions that are cost-efficient, scalable, flexible, manageable and secure.