The idea of integrating information, analyzing data, and using the resulting insights to improve decision making has always excited us to no end. It is this excitement which set us onto a learning path where we started experimenting with data to discover novel applications for domains that found itself trapped in age-old process and practices. Soon, we stumbled upon solutions that brought about tremendous sophistication in analysis and decision making, introduced game-changing intelligence to existing products and processes and took accuracy to incredible levels.

While we kept ourselves busy with data, 3 years passed, and before we could even realize we found ourselves counted among the best in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Today, our team consists of more than 100 eminent data scientists, who put their heads together to provide advanced AI-based customized solutions, big data infrastructure development and integration services, predictive analytics and machine learning solutions. Our clients include major companies from BFSI, Pharmacy, Telecoms, TMT, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Steel, Energy and others.

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Our Team

Jacob William

Jacob William,CEO

Jacob has nearly 3 decades of experience in handling complex system designs for Flatworld Solutions. He has immense ability in leveraging advanced technologies such as Mobility, Data Science, Analytics, and Cloud Computing to weave solutions that improve operational excellence. Jacob’s profound vision and business acumen has time and again helped us reorient our road map to growth.

Dr. Sreerama K. Murthy

Dr. Sreerama K. Murthy,Chief Data Scientist, Flatworld AI

Dr. Sreerama K. Murthy is a well-known global data scientist. He has played a pivotal role in building novel Machine Learning applications for our clients. He has completed his PhD in Machine Learning from Johns Hopkins University and has been part of the team that automated the building of mega-catalogs from Hubble Space Telescope images

David Antony

David Antony,COO & President

David has nearly three decades of experience in IT Outsourcing. Over the years he has spent the majority of his time developing strategic client relationships. Currently he focuses on areas of technology innovation, long term planning, strategic acquisitions, and financial performance of the company.

Sandeep Vedula

Sandeep Vedula,AVP, Flatworld AI

Sandeep Vedula works on solving Big data and Analytics problems for clients with a special focus in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) sector.

Vishwanath Y R

Vishwanath Y R,Business Head

Having been in IT for over a decade, Vishwanath has picked up a wide array of expert skills – from programming to project management and product management to business analysis. He heads our projects, rendering his technical expertise and business acumen to spur the team to give their best, and ensure perfection and success.

Makes Us

In-Depth Expertise
Our team has worked across diverse domains such as finance, agriculture, healthcare, gaming, predictive maintenance, cyber security etc. It is through this diverse exposure that they have acquired the experience needed to evaluate, develop and implement customized data science solutions.
Robust Processes
We bank on agile and dynamic process to deliver the best solutions for our clients. Every solution is preceded with a proof of concept. Once the solution is developed, we test it comprehensively before we deploy in the production environment.
We commit our selves to complete data security and, therefore, have strict data security policies in place. Weback this with strict non-disclosure agreements. Further, we follow strict management guidelines on your premises or on the cloud.
We develop AI solutions for both cloud-based and on-premises set-up. We integrate APIs with in-house applications for efficient performance.