Artificial Intelligence
That Breaks the Mould

The superior computational capabilities of Artificial Intelligence solutions can transform banking and finance businesses in radical ways. But understanding how AI fits into the finance business model is a bigger challenge than embarking on the AI journey itself. Your AI initiative will succeed only when you identify the business algorithms that helps your organization sustain itself and map it with the technology algorithms needed for it to thrive.

How Flatworld
Unleashes AI

Flatworld AI has wide experience in assisting top banks and financial organizations leverage its AI & Machine Learning consulting services to develop technology algorithms that back specific business needs and transform specific operations from rule-based to outcome-based models.

We leverage Analytics, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to analyze complex data, determine the patterns, connect the dots, and find right answers to puzzling questions like what is happening, why is it happening; what is likely to happen; and what should be done next. Unlike some other Artificial Intelligence companies that offer automation and Big Data as separate solutions, we have assisted our clients - from banking to mortgage companies and from insurance to brokerage firms – fully integrate these solutionsto bring about the business innovations needed to outrun competition.

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Leaders in augmenting intelligence with Artificial Intelligence

Data Extraction &
95% Accuracy
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Artificial Intelligence
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in product pricing decisions
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We Have Had Our
Say, Now Hear It from
Our Clients

"We tried to automate customer interactions with chatbots, but it wasn’t working smoothly because of its inherent limitations. We turned to Flatworld AI for a more comprehensive solution. They leveraged advanced NLP, natural language understanding, and dialog management techniques to develop and deploy automated virtual assistants who could understand customer intent accurately and even solve complex queries. Equipped with the right automated customer interaction solution, we improved customer satisfaction by leaps and bounds."
Abdul Shaikh,
Chief PRO, Dubai-Based Bank
"Our back-office support process for mortgage lenders was labour-intensive. This led to mounting errors and cost us severely in terms of time and expenses. Flatworld AI developed an automated platform –Msuite - to automate the loan onboarding process. This solution automated the process of fetching, reading, and compiling data from multiple sources and even validated the data for accuracy. In the process, our service model underwent a drastic shift and we could save on time while guaranteeing optimum levels of accuracy"
Rajeev Kumar,
Director, Expert Mortgage Assistance
"Flatworld AI’s predictive delinquency model helped us identify borrowers who were most likely to default. With the automation of the process, we were able to zero in on the right prospects and remove the primary risk associated with selling credit cards."
Paul Samj,
Sales Directors, Leading Bank in Abu Dhabi